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At this year’s festival, a jury of film professionals including musician and actor Rup Magnon, TIFF programmer Liane Cunje and actor Huse Mandhavji among others, will be deciding who receives this year’s cash prizes. Prizes will include BEST FIRST FEATURE AWARD, BEST DIRECTOR, BEST ACTOR, and BEST SCREENPLAY.


MISAFF has a history of presenting award-winning and critically acclaimed titles as well as Canadian premiers. In 2012 we showcased the long form version of Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy's Oscar winning film SAVING FACE. In 2013, Mira Nair masterpiece THE RELUCTANT FUNDAMENTALIST enjoyed a sold-out audience. We also made waves with the world premiere of the hit Pakistani film ZINDA BHAAG (RUN FOR YOUR LIFE) which went on to become Pakistan's entry into the Oscars and snagged the Best Picture award at MISAFF. Ali Kazimi commemorated the 100 years of the Komagata Maru with his film presentation of critically acclaimed documentary CONTINUOUS JOURNEY. MISAFF15 opened with India's Oscar entry COURT and we screened Canada's top ten MONSOON as well as TIMBUKTU and closed with the Sundance winner UMRIKA. 2017 saw the Canadian premiere of Vashthi Anderson’s Trinidad film MOKO JUMBIE as well as best director winner YOU ARE MY SUNDAY by Milind Dhaimade.

Sabeen Mahmud award sponsored by Karahi Boys Mississauga restaurant.

Sabeen Mahmud award sponsored by Karahi Boys Mississauga restaurant.

misaff awards

The MISAFF jury will be announcing awards in several categories including Best first feature, best documentary, best short and best actor. The MISAFF awards are sponsored by the Canada Mortgage and Financial Group CMFG.


The Pakistani filmmaker and activist Sabeen Mahmud was killed in 2015 by two gunmen for hosting a talk at her gallery T2F in Karachi. With the permission of Sabeen's mother Mahenaz Mahmud, MISAFF15 decided to dedicate an award in her memory.  The winner will be announced at our awards ceremony on the closing night of the film festival by the MISAFF19 jury. The award is presented by Karahi Boys restaurant.

Festival Director

Arshad Khan

Arshad Khan is a filmmaker, film festival programmer and film educator. He has worked in the film industry for fifteen years and has formed alliances with and advised several film festivals around the world.

Anya Mckenzie and Arshad Khan at MISAFF14

Photo Credit: Kirk Cooper

Founder of the Mosaic festival brand Arshad Mahmood and Asma Mahmood at Mosaic outdoor festival.

Photo Credit: Mosaic Festival


Under the competent leadership of Fatima Patel we have a team of excellent and dedicated volunteers assisting us this year. Nain Amin Lalji, Dhruv Naik, Rahim Jheta, Irfan Haque, Anu Varma, Saniyya Patel, Zeeshan Shahid

Festival advisory board member

Anya Mckenzie

Anya Mckenzie is an accomplished programmer and producer with more than 10 years of experience working in the cultural, film and media industries. Anya brings a global and diverse perspective to her work that stems from her family roots in the Caribbean, her work in international humanitarian aid and her studies in film. 

"MOSAIC is a unique festival that celebrates cultural richness of Canadians originating from South Asia. It pleases me to see the emphasis on youth programming and that this year's festival will showcase a South Asian Film Festival." Mayor Hazel McCallion August, 2013.


Arshad Khan | Anya Mckenzie

Programming associates

Sweta Rajesh | Sally Rylett

Shahla Khan


Rebecca Tissdele-Macias

Jonny Tragic

Rakshan Mushtaq

festival Team

Sweta Rajesh - Social media

Gavin Seal - Prints manager

Zafir Ahmed - Prints assistant manager

Shahla Joseph - Ticketing


The Canadian Community Arts Initiative is a registered non profit Multi Disciplinary Arts organization that aims to bring high quality art and cultural activities to Canadian audience. CCAI produces and presents TD Mosaic Festival , the longest running South Asian multi disciplinary arts festival in Mississauga, Rock The Coliseum Indie Music Festival and Mosaic International South Asian Film Festival among other literary and visual arts projects, for both local and international audience.