shorts program

MISAFF19 carefully curated a limited shorts program this year with the theme “Actor Driven Shorts”. 5 out of our 7 shorts are projects that have been produced or written by the actors in featured in the films. We have a jury who will decide on the best short award presented by ACTRA Toronto. The shorts program is presented by the Toronto Truck Driving School.

Shorts presented by the Toronto Truck Driving School

Shorts presented by the Toronto Truck Driving School

U Ushacha - 22 min India

Director Rohan Kanawade | Usha, a single mother who works as a farm labourer in rural India, feels drawn to a local primary school teacher in ways she never knew possible. This film screens on Saturday, August 3rd at 6:00 PM and is co-presented with InsideOut film festival of Toronto.

The 410 - 25 min Canada

Director Renuka Jeyapalan. Writer/Actor: Supinder Wraich. Broke, wanna-be Influencer, Suri Deol (Indian, blonde and bougie) must bail her truck driver father out of jail after he’s arrested for smuggling narcotics or move back home to her own personal prison: Brampton.

Sheher Ya Tum - 6 min India

Director Karan Asnani. A poet must choose between the love of his life and the city he loves.

Gaash - 15 min India - World Premiere

Director Danish Renzu. Under a shroud of life, Fatima embarks on a journey in search of her beloved Gaash (light).Through this unabashed declaration of love, Fatima dreams of a world where love exists in its true form - beyond religion.

Five O'Clock Shadow - 7:14 mins. USA

Director: Sangeeta Agrawal. Five O'Clock Shadow, is the story of an Indian-American mother who is the victim of racial abuse. Her worst fear rises to the surface and for the first time ever, she asks the question: Do we really belong here?

Our Reality Is Happy - 3 min Canada/Pakistan

Director Aniyah Faisal. Two teenaged Pakistani maids offer a glimpse into their working lives. Aniyah Faisal is the youngest filmmaker ever to show their work at MISAFF.


U Ushacha presented by InsideOut

U Ushacha presented by InsideOut